Pressure Vessels

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Code Fabrication has over 30 years of experience with pressure vessel weldings. With our in house design team, calculations are available for constructing your vessel. Code Fabrication’s authorized inspection service is Hartford Steamboiler. Equipped with an 8’ x 8’ 1000 amp NA-3 submerged arc welder, power vessel turners, positioners and overhead cranes, Code Fabrication can help you with all your needs. Our capacities are 16,000 pounds, 14’ diameter x 40’ long for vessels. Track torch acetylene, plasma cutters, and ¾”x 12” shears for our cutting capabilities. For shells and repads, break and roll plat forming are available also. We always use the highest standards and quality equipment for every job we do. Implementing A.S.M.E. Section VIII Division 1, A.S.M.E. Section I and A.P.I. codes are part of our procedures.